Why You Should Avoid Taking a DIY Approach with Your Electrical Work

Are you a fan of doing it yourself? Have you thought about making a few minor electrical improvements around the house? If you answered yes to either question dont do it. The number one reason to avoid doing your own electrical work is it could end up killing you. The statistics don’t lie. Between the years of 2002 and 2004, more than 1400 Australians were rushed to hospital with electrical-related injuries.

Can I do any electrical work? Besides changing a lightbulb here and there, not really. You should check with your regulatory bodies in your state and territory to find out specific regulations which apply to you.

There’s a big difference between electrical work and your run-of-the- mill home DIY jobs. Electrical work is never a Do-It-Yourself job. This particular area of house renovation/home improvement is best left to the professionals. The laws which help protect homeowners from unlicensed electricians, also extend to the handy homeowner. Australian law dictates that only licenced electricians are allowed to legally undertake electrical work. Basically, these laws that govern the electrical tradesperson strongly indicate the seriousness of undertaking electrical work verbatim. Licenced electricians know it, and they know it like the back of their hand. Even the most qualified electricians with a breadth of experience in the field have had their share of close calls.
But there’s a trade-off surely! Nope, not the case. With other non-electrical DIY projects, successfully beginning and completing a home improvement project has money-saving and aesthetic benefits. Then there’s electrical work. The law advises against it, the dangers are known and fatal: short-term and long-term (electrical fires etc.), and there’s no guarantee that you’ll fix or improve the problem at all (it could actually make the problem worse, and cost you more in the long-run).